Sunday, April 01, 2007

Signal Processors

Signal Processors are either general purpose programmable microprocessors or integrated circuits of microprocessors. Basically this processor is an electronic circuit which has the capability of deleting the information from an analog signal which acts as quantifiable units for future purposes. Signal Processors provide plenty of useful features which normally requires multiple modules. Audio and control signals can be amplified, attenuated, offset and inverted all in this one, easy to use module. The most striking feature of this processor is that the two sections allow two processes to be performed at the same time.
Single Processor has the tendancy of changing the sound of the instrument or some other sound source with equalizers, limiters, compressors and other devices thereby processing them to be recorded onto a master.The advanced technology named Advanced Signal Processor integrates commercial-off-the shelf technology at a fraction of the cost of building new processors. No structural footprint is required and the bulk store controller subunit replacement contains a bulk memory expansion and a preprocessor. The above enhancements allow for the use of commercial software.


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