Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Whale Shark - Biggest fish in the world

Whale Shark Biggest fish in the world. Whale Shark the largest kind of sharks, and also largest of nowadays living fishes. Whale sharks often grow to 45 feet and 15 is not a “Whale” it is a “Shark”. Given its name because of its sheer size, Rhincodon typus was first identified off the coast of South Africa in 1828.

Despite the impressive sizes, the whale shark is absolutely safe for the humans, as eats like a whale, exclusively plankton and other small organisms which it filters, involving in itself water.

Whale Shark migrations are thought to be timed with blooms of these platonic organisms often governed by changes in water temperatures. Attracted to warm waters they are found most commonly in a global band around the equator between 30 - 40° latitude.


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