Monday, June 15, 2009

Computer Crime Task Force

The Computer Crime Task Force is designed to expand the focus on computer crime and statewide training.

Located at the Hamilton Technology Complex in Hamilton Township, Mercer County, the Computer Crime Task Force combines personnel from the Division of Criminal Justice's Computer Analysis and Technology Unit (CATU), the State Police Digital Technology Investigations Unit, and the State Police Cyber Crimes Unit.

The Computer Crime Task Force has three principal investigative units staffed with State Troopers, Division of Criminal Justice Investigators and FBI agents. The Task Force will focus on three primary areas of investigation where a computer is used to commit a crime: computer hacking and viruses, Internet fraud and creation and distribution of child pornography.

The three separate units are formally known as the Incident Response Unit, the Cyber Crimes Unit and the Internet Predatory Crimes Unit. Their goals are as follows:

  • The Incident Response Unit is, among other things, responsible for conducting investigations that focus on the use of computers, computer networks, telecommunication devices and other technological devices to commit cyber crime, as well as the "victimization" of those same technologies by cyber criminals. The IRU is also responsible for providing cyber-crime-awareness-related outreach to New Jersey residents and business operators, and for training members of the New Jersey law enforcement community regarding network-intrusion-related crimes and their impact.
  • The Cyber Crime Unit's principal mission is to conduct investigations focused on use of computers in fraud and identity theft.
  • The Internet Predatory Crimes Unit's chief responsibility is to conduct investigations involving Internet-driven crimes against children such as trafficking in child pornography and on-line luring. The Internet Predatory Crimes Unit is also responsible for providing awareness-related outreach services on the vulnerabilities of children to cyber crime, and the impact of technology-driven crimes on young people.

In addition, the Intelligence Analyst is chiefly responsible for ensuring that there is compliance with prevailing policies and procedures for entering, modifying, purging and auditing data contained in the Task Force intelligence repository.


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